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A couple months ago I did an interview with [ profile] kriken for Slashcast, a slash-focused radio show. It was my very great pleasure to talk about 13th Warrior fandom and fanworks for fifteen minutes. You can find the whole show here at [ profile] slashcast. :)
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A couple months ago I did an interview with [ profile] kriken for Slashcast, a slash-focused radio show. It was my very great pleasure to talk about 13th Warrior fandom and fanworks for fifteen minutes. You can find the whole show here at [ profile] slashcast, although users of this community will be old hands at all the info. :)

My segment starts right at the half hour mark.
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So, I was surfing IMDB as I sometimes do, and found this on the Thing page.

Dennis Storhøi was cast as Sander but pulled out of production due to personal reasons. He was replaced by Ulrich Thomsen.

Yeah. So upset. I don't know if anyone was already aware of this, but it's the first I've heard of it.


Aug. 6th, 2011 06:03 pm
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I put a sad face in the subject because.....this is it! Final chapter of Valka's Saga!

I'm thinking of doing a possible AU fic, but I'm not sure.

TITLE: Valka's Saga
RATING: PG (violence, mostly)
NOTES: I'm so sad. I can't believe it's the end. I want to keep writing about these two, and I think I just might. :D
Chapter Seven )
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Aaaaand here's chapter six. Steamy stuff, this. Enjoy, my lovelies! This will be the last for a while, because as I mentioned before, I am stuck.

TITLE: None yet, ideas welcome.
RATING: R (Extremely adult content)
NOTES: I will get the idea and figure out a suitable ending eventually. Don't worry, I'll post soon!


Chapter Six )
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Here's Chapter Five.....


Chapter Five )


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Here's chapter four.....


Chapter Four )


Aug. 1st, 2011 11:43 pm
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So, it's my birthday, but I decided to give you guys a gift. Chapters FIVE and SIX!!!  I'm going to have to do two separate posts, so here is five. I'll just put the info for both in this post. Six is very steamy, so the rating is going up! Finally :D After chapter six, my brain is having a war with the rest of me, so I'm a little stuck. Give me time, I'll come up with a decent way to end it in a couple more chapters. I'm shooting for nine, but we'll see what happens. Enjoy!

TITLE: I still have nothing. Ideas welcome!
PAIRING: Buliwyf/OC and Herger/Ahmed
RATING: PGish for Four (Herger/Ahmed moments...Herger was pestering me about it all night), PGish for Five (Battle sequences), R (Chapter Six, seriously adult content)
NOTES: I'm so excited about this! I have written theories for Valka and her relationship to several of the knights, and if you want I can post those, too, but they're just for my own sanity, mostly, and may not prove interesting. Although, if you want to see them, I may get creative and steal M'Lyn's photographic evidence technique...I love that! Anyways, enjoy yourselves!


Jul. 26th, 2011 10:37 pm
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Here is chapter three! Hope you enjoy it! Still untitled.

Title: None
Pairing: Buliwyf/OC
Rating: Still G, I know I know I'm working on it! :D
Notes: I've used quite a bit of creative license in this chapter, namely completely eliminating Hatalf the Boy to make room for my char. He was too young to fight anyway!!

Enjoy, and I enjoyed writing it! More to come!


Chapter Three )

Take Two

Jul. 23rd, 2011 11:34 pm
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Here is chapter two!


Chapter Two )


Name: Untitled

Pairing/Fandom: Buliwyf/OC

Rating: Still G at this point

Notes: I still have no title for this fic, and I'm six chapters through it already! I'll post the others every two days. I'm loving this story, and don't worry. Chapter three has some Herger/Ahmed moments, and chapter six really heats up. So don't worry, I'm on a roll! :D Enjoy this, and know that I enjoyed writing it!

Be well, everyone!

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I know that M'yln has several fics based in Oslo, Norway. Just watched the news about five minutes ago and I guess there was a shooting at a youth camp there by a guy disguised as a police officer, at least nine people died. It's a shame what people do these days! Poor Norway! My prayers will be with them. 

Be well, everyone!


ps. I have chapter two done, because I just got the soundtrack from a friend, so now I'm inspired! Let me know if you would be interested.
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Finally! I've finished a chapter--I say finally because I've had the idea for three+ months. So, here it is! It's a het fic, fyi.

Name: Untitled (Suggestions would be welcome, ask for more info if you want!)
Pairing/Fandom: Buliwyf/OC (Own Character)
Rating: G (this chapter is light, nothing much to worry about)
Notes: There are several supernatural elements in this fanfic. Many of them are not mentioned in the movie, so I've used my creative lisence. You will probably have many questions by the time you finish reading this, I can think of a few that I am expecting. Don't worry, hopefully you'll understand by the time I've gotten some more up. If you must know, or just want to clear anything up, leave me a comment or email me (LJ Info). This is cross-posted to my fanfiction account, which is below if any of you want to check it out.


Chapter One )


Well, Hi!

Jul. 20th, 2011 01:45 pm
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So, I'm completely new here. :D Everybody loves that line. Anyway, 13th warrior is one of (if not) my favorite movies. Buliwyf will always be my favorite! <3

That's not to say that Herger and Ahmed don't have a special place in my heart, either. The paintings that Lorraine did are beautiful, and I would put them on my walls no question!

It's actually my 22nd birthday in...eleven days...on August the 1st......LOL!

Anyways, I found this community and was so excited to see all these people! I notice that there haven't been many postings lately, but I suppose RL will do that to you. :)

I'm working on a fanfic right now, starring Buliwyf and a character I created, who is very much like me (dunno how that happened.....) and I'm hoping to post it on here soon! Be well, everyone!

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I'm offering a couple things to encourage giving to world charities to help the disaster relief effort in Japan.

A: fanfic in a variety of my newer fandoms, including The 13th Warrior

B: a piece of woodcarving art

Please bid early and often.
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This is also for M'lyn. Thank you for the screencaptures--you are too kind and incredibly patient.

Oil on canvas board
12"-h x 9"-w
Work safe!

Ahmed )
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This is for M'lyn. Thanks for all your lovely stories and for sharing your photos. :-)

Oil on canvas
12"-h x 9"-w
Work safe!

Herger )
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This is for M'lyn. Thanks for all your lovely stories and for sharing your photos. :-)

Oil on canvas board
12"-h x 9"-w
Work safe!

Herger )
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As I mentioned in comments in my last mod post, I looked into creating a feed of this community for Dreamwidth users.

As of now there is no content at the 13th Warrior community I created on Dreamwidth (which is: 13thwarrior). If you would prefer to subscribe to a feed rather than crosspost or move posting to the new community, here is the RSS feed you may use:

Dreamwidth users can subscribe and read public content from this LJ community. Fingers crossed that it works. :)
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The is the 5th Anniversary of the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2010! This is a very laid back, no pressure challenge. There are no consequences if you don't meet the deadline. This is all for fun.

Because this is our anniversary, I have a few goodies planned for the next couple of weeks, including these fantastic icons made by [ profile] trillingstar. They are based on this years theme, Classic Horror Comic Covers.

And this year, [ profile] spook_me is mirrored on DW, so you can sign up there if you prefer.
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Completely forgot to mention this but Tony Curran (aka Weath the Musician) guest starred in the latest Doctor Who episode as Vincent van Gogh. I watched the episode and, if you're a fan of Tony's (or even if you're not) it's definitely worth a watch because he did a great job.
His Vincent is very credible and even had me crying, so... go check out episode 5.10 "Vincent and the Doctor" of Doctor Who!


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