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Title: In thy name
Author: Munnin
Pairing: Buliwyf/Ahmed
Rating: Mature but implied more than explicit.
Disclaimer: No money. No ownership. Just enjoyment.

Feedback: Please.


I wrote this years ago but never when looking for a comm. to post it on. I hope you guys like it.



In thy name do I sacrifice myself upon the altar.

In thy name do I burn like heathen gods.


Ahmed heard the Northman’s heavy footsteps echo across the deserted hall. He lowered his head into his hands, both joyous and fearful of what may come. He had long given up faith in his defences or defence in his faith. Anything this man asked of him he would give.


In thy name am I grace, divinity and light.

In thy name am I passion, breathtaking and fierce.


Fingers calloused by swordplay lifted his chin. He dare not look up for fear of drowning in those blue eyes. Strong hands brushed back wings of hair that hid his face. A kiss at once tender and chaste burnt through him, washing away his resistance like waves upon the sand.


In thy name am I Antinous, deified by beauty.

In thy name am I Hyacinth, slain by love.


Hands locked in each other. The fall of armour and the whisper of cloth. Fingers tangled in long hair. The musk of skin and sweat. Moans that rent the quiet air. Hearts that beat the fierce rhythm of their passion. The cry of two voices, long and low in their release.


In thy name am I whole and shattered.

In thy name am I made and undone.


His lover embraced him as the night took its hold. Safe in strong arms that in his dreamy haze resembled the wings of his protector. His warrior. His king.  


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